ICOH International Committees

ICOH International Committees

Trustees Committee

  • Suvi Lehtinen, Finland
  • Andrew Curran, UK
  • Inger Schaumburg, Denmark
  • Franklin Muchiri, Kenya, ILO Gva
  • Julietta Rodriguez-Guzman, Colombia, PAHO
  • Inger Schaumburg


International Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Jorma Rantanen (Committee Chair, ICOH Past President)
  • Jean-Francois Caillard (ICOH Past President)
  • Bengt Knave (ICOH Past President)
  • Jerry Jeyaratnam (ICOH 2000 Congress President)
  • Ruddi Facci (ICOH 2003 Congress President)
  • Vito Foà (ICOH 2006 Congress President)
  • Daan Kocks (ICOH 2009 Congress President)
  • Jorge Alberto Morales (ICOH 2012 Congress President)
  • Doo Yong Park (ICOH 2015 Congress President)
  • Martin Hogan (ICOH 2018 Congress President)
  • Joachim Breuer (President International Social Security Association)

International Scientific Committee

  • Claudina Nogueira (Committee Chair, ICOH-Vice President)
  • Jukka Takala (ICOH President)
  • Seong – Kyu Kang (ICOH Vice President)
  • Sergio Iavicoli (ICOH Secretary-General)
  • Kazutaka Kogi (ICOH Past President)
  • Frank Muchiri (ILO, Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch)
  • Maria Neira (WHO, Director, Department of Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health)
  • Marcelo Abi-Rania Caetano (ISSA Secretary-General)
  • Kathleen Mosier (IEA President)
  • Peter-John (Jakes) Jacobs (IOHA Immediate Past-President)
  • ICOH Board Members:
  • Maria Luisa Tupia Gonzales (South America)
  • Seichi Horie (Asia)
  • Eun-A Kim (Asia)
  • Stavroula Leka (Europe)
  • Shyam Pingle (Asia/Developing countries)
  • Kari Reijula (Europe)
  • Paul Schulte (North America)
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